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Step 16: Facebook

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All right. Now, what about Facebook? Do you need a Facebook business page? Well, I think that you should create a page. And the reason behind that is that it develops a sense of community for your business. So, say for example if you’re looking to connect with your customers, it would be great if your customers gave you testimonials in order to build you up on social media. And Facebook pages allows you to do that.

The other thing is too is that being able to show off before and after pictures of the job that you do and post them maybe two to three times a week on your Facebook, that creates a sense of confidence with people. They can check you out on Facebook, and they can determine whether or not you do a good job just based up on the pictures that you post. So I would definitely recommend getting a Facebook account so that you can create your Facebook pages. And the other thing is too that you can even create an Instagram account off of a Facebook page. So Instagram is great for just posting pictures of different things, and with Instagram, you can tag your pictures. So, if anybody’s looking for something specific with specific key words, they’ll find you. So, that can be beneficial for marketing your business.

And I would even post little stories about your business. All of this social media is just so that people can get to know you more and more. That is how you can differentiate yourself between other businesses. If you can find a way to show who you are online in a genuine way, people will like you and they’ll wanna use you. So, say for example with Facebook, you can use Facebook Live. Why would you use Facebook Live? Well, say you wanna give out a personal message to the community. You can pretty much just shoot a video with FaceTime video on your iPhone and just let people know what you’re doing. “Hey, I’m out here cleaning up my truck. I’m out here working on some of my equipment just to make sure that we provide the best equipment that we possibly can to our customers. So, if you have any questions, feel free to give us call at 1-800 … ” whatever your toll-free number is.

So, that’s what Facebook is used for, for creating just a genuine connection with your customers.

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