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Step 12: Gravity Forms

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All right. Since we’re on the subject of plug-ins, a really great plug-in to invest in is Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms has so many different functions, and it’s pretty inexpensive as compared to a lot of the other options that are out there. I love this plug-in, especially for contractors. It really is helpful for managing new leads that come into your site.

So, if you navigate to, and let’s check out some of the pricing. All right, let’s check out the pricing for this particular plug-in. We’ve got the Basic License, Elite License, and Pro License. Okay. The Basic License, go ahead and go with that if you’re just looking to have just one specific website, and you’re just looking to have just the basic add-ons. Some of the basic add-ons, they’re pretty important. Okay. MailChimp in particular. MailChimp is very, very helpful when it comes to catching your leads, and building your lists. Your customer list. Some people may go with AWeber to develop those lists. They’re pretty much the same company, so that would be my suggestion.

Let’s go back into pricing. Again we’ve got the Basic License, Elite License, and Pro. The Pro License is great, Right here, it can support three sites, but they have a few more extra add-ons than the Basic License. Then they have the Elite License option which gives you the option for putting forms on unlimited sites. If you have multiple air duct cleaning websites that are out there, go ahead and choose this option, but since we’re just starting out let’s just go with the Basic License. Let’s just go with this price right here. I think that this is all that we need.

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