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Step 5: Meet WordPress

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I’d like to introduce you to a program called WordPress.

WordPress is just flat out awesome in my opinion when it comes to creating your own site. What it is, it’s a content management system for your site. When you’re creating all these pages and things that create your site, WordPress pretty much is the software that keeps it all together. It’s run by a bunch of developers that have pretty much come up with a community of people that have created this, this backend system, this skeleton if you will, for creating websites. It’s pretty much become the industry standard.

Right here it says it’s got powerful features, limitless possibilities. You can have customized designs, search engines love it, it’s responsive for mobile sites. And that’s a big deal right now with search engines. Most of your customers right now, we’ve found within the air duct cleaning industry that most people, when they’re looking for air duct cleaning, they’re looking for you on their phone or their tablet more so than they are looking for on just a regular desktop computer.

It’s high performance. Most of the time WordPress websites load up very quickly, manage on the go, high security, powerful media management. This is wonderful to for being able to manage your photos and put them into different pages and you know, you can even add video to it, audio. It’s just been really great in my experience.

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