Course 1

Step 11: Plugins

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Hello. We’re back at our dashboard. What I want to bring your attention to is the plugins link right here. I want you to click on that and I want you to see here all the plugins that are functioning on your website right now as it stands, okay?

When you click add new plugin, you can search in this search box for any plugin under the sun, okay? How about eCommerce, we want eCommerce on our site. Bam, here it is, a very popular plugin that I would suggest, WooCommerce. You just click install now, and activate and it will add that function to your site.

WooCommerce is free to download and free to install. It does have a few extra add-ons that you might have to purchase, but for just getting started with being able to sell products, this is definitely something that I would go with.

It’s a lot better to go with something like this when you’re first starting out as opposed to paying thousands to a developer to create something custom, so it’s a very, very, good option, but go ahead and knock yourself out with looking for extra functions that you can add to your site.

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