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Step 1: Purchasing Domain

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How’s it going everybody? Right now, I’m at the GoDaddy website. GoDaddy is probably one of the best domain and hosting providers that I’ve found, that I particular use. You might have even seen GoDaddy in Super Bowl commercials, you know, with Danica Patrick, the race car driver, so they’ve got some pretty memorable advertisements, but the first thing that we need to do in order to start the process of creating our own website, is we need to pick a domain name.

Now, what is a domain name? A domain name is something that we type into the address bar in order to get to a website, okay? So say, for example, for GoDaddy, we type in That is considered a domain name. So what we do is, if we go to the GoDaddy homepage, and we type in a domain name that we’d like to have for our business, say for example, we could go with, “airductcleaninglosangeles,” if we’re a Los Angeles air duct cleaner. Think I spelled that right. Search domain. All right, it looks like somebody already has it. Okay, so we’ve got to think of something else. All right.

One of the things that I recommend to all air ducts cleaners when they’re searching for a domain name, is to search for something that has to do with your business, but is also very memorable, all right? A lot of business owners spell their business name a particular way, or it’s super long. People aren’t going to remember what to type in in order to get to your site, so what I recommend is going with something as simple as possible, that’s easy to remember. And I would suggest even putting in some keywords, such as, “airductcleaning,” and then putting on maybe a state name, or something specific, in order to make yourself more memorable to your customer.

So, if we’re in Los Angeles, let’s type in “LA.” “airductcleaningla.” That’s taken, too. Wow. Okay. Well how about let’s type in “losangelesairductcleaning.” Wow, that’s a big one. See, this is something else that you might run into, is that some people, what they’ll do is they buy the domains, and then they try to sell it for a higher price. So this particular person has already bought it, and they’re accepting bids for this at $1,500.

Now, if you’re a big-time air duct cleaner, maybe you want to go with that. Some of these premium domain names, they’re easily searchable, meaning that if you purchase this and use this as your domain, there’s a greater likelihood that you might come up on page one on Google, but it is a gamble. It is a risk, so be careful with that.

I personally would go with something that I don’t have to put in a bid for, okay? Let’s try “airductcleanerlosangeles.” All right, it’s available. So that might be a good one to use for your business. Some people care a lot about having their business name in their domain. That’s fine, but you take a hit when it comes to people being able to remember you, so that’s a little piece of advice.

Now, this is the screen that might confuse you. It says right here, “We’ve added privacy. Here’s why. When you register a domain, your information is published for all the world to see. Protect yourself from spam …” blah blah blah blah blah. If you do not want your information to be shown online when people look up domain names, because most of the time, when people are looking for a really great domain name, sometimes it’s already taken, and maybe they want to work out a deal with the person that currently owns it, to try and purchase the domain. If you do not want your information online for other people to see, I would suggest going with privacy protection, and that’s an extra 7.99 per year with GoDaddy.

If you would rather go with the inexpensive route, and it doesn’t really bother you that your information is out there, go ahead and click no thanks. This is the option that I typically use. I usually like to go with the more inexpensive route, and it doesn’t bother me that my information’s out there for the world to see.

So I continue with these options. Now, GoDaddy is looking to try and get me for five years of domain registration, and that comes to … You can see the amount right here. My suggestion would be to go for just one year. I usually just go with one year at a time, for a domain that I have just bought, only because A, maybe a year from now I want to try a different dotcom. Maybe I do want to go with my business name. So, I like that kind of flexibility, with just one-year hosting.

If you feel pretty confident that you’re going to use this domain for a long period of time, go ahead and go for 10 years. You can see the difference in price. Let me see. So, if I were you, if you’re a brand-new business, I would go with one year, and go ahead and complete the purchase. These extra items down here, that you see, that say “Recommended for you,” the search engine visibility, if I were you, I would avoid that, only because I think that we can do better on our own. So, go ahead and complete your purchase and let’s move on to the next step.

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