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Step 14: SEO Definition

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Okay, now I want to introduce you to a term that gets used a lot within the web development community, and that is called SEO. Now, what does that mean? Right here, we’ve got the definition. It’s short for search engine optimization.

Alright, what’s search engine optimization? Well, with every website there are keywords that Google looks at in order to place you within it’s organic listing. I’m sure that you’ve Googled many things over the years and you get a list that you pay attention to, and whoever is up at the top of the list is the most reputable, correct?

So, there are countless search engine optimization companies that are out there that, it’s a service that will optimize your site for you, but it definitely comes at a cost because you could be spending hundreds every month on search engine optimization, but with upcoming videos, I wanna show you how you could probably do a lot of this stuff yourself and we’ll look to get you on page one, so stay tuned.

What I do is I just copy all of this, I know that this is just pure gibberish, but I’m using this as just like I said, as a placeholder, and then I go ahead and paste that into my text editor. I go ahead and update the page, and I go to the page itself and I click refresh, see how it all shows up? Now what about images, what if I want to add images to this page? Alright, good question. I’ll come back here and if I want to add media, go ahead and click this, and you can go ahead and select files from your hard drive, but I’m going to cancel out of that for right now. There already is some media on this, I believe. Let me see here, I’ll go ahead and click this right here, and let’s click update, let’s see how this looks. Click refresh, okay that doesn’t look the greatest in the world. Okay, let’s try to format this a little bit differently.

Let’s click this image, and you see all these little icons that show up right here? This is the alignment of the image. Right now it’s set to no alignment, instead I’m going to set it to aligned left so that the text flows around this image. Click update and refresh the page. There we go, it’s starting to take shape here. Alright, so that’s pretty much how you add just basic content and images to your WordPress page.

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