Course 1

Step 4: Web Design Example

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Now, here is an example of a WordPress website. If we go to, you’ll see here that this website was designed very, very well. I’ve gotta give them props. This looks wonderful. Look, you’ve got the logo up here. You’ve got all the social media icons up here. And look at this, look at this, this is very important. They’ve got a toll-free number up at the top and it shows up on every single page. That’s very, very smart.

Now, why is that smart? Well, the number one reason is is because when people are looking to request service, some people, they might fill out a contact form, or maybe they contact you through social media. But some people, particularly elderly people, they might just call you. And rather than searching around everywhere for a telephone number, DuctDudes has it right up at the top.

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