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Step 2: Web Hosting

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All right. So now we’re back at the GoDaddy home page. Let’s get some hosting for our website. Let’s choose this link right here. All right. GoDaddy is giving us three choices. We’ve got the economy, the deluxe, and the ultimate. All right. What’s the story on the economy web hosting? Well, what I’ve found is that you can only host one website, and you have limited bandwidth. Now what is bandwidth? Well, you ever been to a website that doesn’t load very quickly. Well, there you go. That’s limited bandwidth, and what I’ve seen with some of the sites that I’ve created on the economy hosting is, is that these sites take forever to load.

So, okay, let’s move onto the deluxe web hosting. Says right here it’s more space and more flexibility for multiple sites. That’s one of the nice things about this, is that you can create multiple websites with this host. But something that the ultimate has that the deluxe doesn’t have is, it’s got an SSL certificate that’s included with this. Now an SSL certificate is what creates some encryption for your site, so it kind of deters hackers. Plus, it gives you more points when it comes to search engines.

Google and Yahoo and Bing tend to look at websites that have an SSL certificate, just with, they look at you a little bit more highly than what they would if you didn’t have this. I guess they look at this as if to say that, “Well, you’re not a spamy-type of website.” Okay, so I would suggest going with this ultimate plan. The other thing that the ultimate plan has, is that it’s got two-times the processing power and memory. So like I said before, the difference between this plan and the economy is, is that your website’s going to load a lot faster.

Google will actually penalize websites for not loading quickly. You get thrown to the bottom of the list if your website isn’t popping up. So that’s another great reason to go with this particular plan. So if we go ahead and add to cart, and you have some choices, again, with website backup or going without it. Since I know how to design websites and I know how to take care of the files, I typically go the more inexpensive route. But if you would like GoDaddy to back up your website on a regular basis, I suggest going with this selection.

I’m going to go ahead and go with no thanks, and I don’t tend to check off this ad malware scan and removal. So don’t worry about that. Continue with these options. Oh, look at that. Good news. You get a free domain with this order. Now this is the time to search for your business name as your domain. Let’s try All right. It’s available. Let’s select and continue. All right. See how GoDaddy right here got us for 36 months. That’s … What is that? Three years. Well, let’s go with 12 months. Standard SSL, that’s good.

Now take a look at this. This SSL renews at $75 a year, so you’re looking at costs for domain, you’re looking at costs for website hosting, and you’re looking at a cost for the SSL certificate. So these are things to keep in mind. Office 365 starter email, let’s go ahead and get rid of that. We don’t need that. All right. GoDaddy is also suggesting some other domains that you can get. You can get … Let me see here. We’ve got the .net, .co, .info.

If I were you, I would avoid any domain names that have .net, .co, or anything else. I would strictly stick with .com domain names. Only because that’s what most commerce-based websites are using. So that would be my suggestion. You can see the total cost that this comes to, and I would go ahead and complete that purchase, and we can move onto the next step.

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