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Step 10: Web Templates

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Now, what do you do when it comes to designs? How do you get the right design? Do you hire a web designer in order to do it? Well, you can do that, or you could go the more inexpensive route and try and do it yourself. If you go to, they have all kinds of designs for your site, in particular, WordPress websites. If you navigate to their homepage and click on WordPress, they give you all kinds of choices for custom-designed websites. All of these are WordPress website themes.

If you find something that you like, let’s see. Let’s see if we can find a good business theme. How about a HVAC theme? Let’s try that. Oh, here we go. Air-Conditioner & HVAC Repair WordPress Theme. They even give us a live preview. Okay, they’ve got the number up at the top. It’s not a memorable number, but at least it’s something. Okay? This is just a bare-bones design that you could go with.

Something to keep in mind when you’re choosing your design is that if you buy this design, there’s a good chance that other people, they’ve already downloaded it and they’re already using it. Sometimes, with some of these theme sites, it’ll show you how many people have purchased this design. Oh, there it is. 107 people have purchased and downloaded this, and they may or may not be using it for their site.

When you’re first starting out, this might be all that you really need just to get yourself out there. If you’re doing well in your business and you’re looking to kind of upgrade your design, that would probably be the time to invest in a custom-designed theme, but when you’re first getting started, this is really all that you need. 59 bucks for a theme that you can customize really gets the job done.

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