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Step 7: WordPress Wizard

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Alright. Right now, we should be at the WordPress Wizard. It says right here, get started quickly with WordPress. This is just a quick start wizard. We can go ahead and start by clicking this start button.

Next, it’ll start asking you a bunch of questions. We can go ahead and leave this as the default. Let’s see if we can go ahead and continue without selecting the industry. No, it’s asking us to put it in. Okay. So, what are we? We are a business, right? Let’s go with “home services.” Click continue.

Next, we gotta put in our contact information. Let’s see if we can avoid some of this. Alright. Choose a theme. WordPress has tons of themes that you can download to change the look of your site. A lot of these themes are completely free, which is a really big deal here. For right now, how about … let’s take a look at the stout.

Okay, that looks good. Let’s go ahead and go with that one.

Alright. The theme has now finished installing. Now we can make our edits. For right now, let’s check this out. Site identity. We can add our logo in here. Copyright information, blah blah blah. Layout, we can do fixed or we can do fluid. Fluid is really good for helping out the presentation for our mobile website. For right now, let’s kind of go through and see what we got going on here. We got fonts. We can change the font to something different. See how it changed the logo text, here?

So, you can pretty much just mess around with this and try and get a design that you’re comfortable with. Header media, you can change the background pictures here. There’s so many different options with WordPress. Background image, you can select that. Menus, we’re going to be creating the menus in another section.

Widgets, alright, widgets are an interesting thing. Widgets allow you to put information, say, in the footer area. See, right here we got footer one, footer two, footer three. They come in as columns. So, that’s something we’ll explore a little further.

Homepage settings, you can have your latest blog post as your homepage or you can have a static page as your homepage. We’ll get into that.

That’s pretty much it. So, when we’re comfortable with this, let’s go ahead and publish. Okay, now it’s published. We’ll go ahead and exit out of this at this little “exit” icon right here. Now, here we go. We are in our admin panel. This admin panel is very, very important. This is the control panel for your entire site. It controls your posts, which is your blog posts, your media links. I don’t really use links all that much. Control pages, comments that you might get on blog posts, forums, appearance.

Here we go. This is what we just did. Themes. This is the theme that’s currently active. Let’s go ahead and take a look at our site as it is. This is what our site looks like right now. This is what’s live. If we go into our themes, we can decide, “You know what, I don’t like the look of that. Let’s try a different theme.” Let’s go ahead and activate “Primer.”

Let’s refresh our page. And there you go, a completely different look. You know, you might have to make some adjustments of the content here or there, but, WordPress makes theme adjustments very, very easy to change just the style of your business site.

Okay. Now, what if we don’t like any of these themes? Can we search for themes? We sure can. Let’s go to “add new.” You can upload a theme from, say, a theme site, like Theme Forest, They have wonderful themes that you can download and install. And they’re inexpensive, too. I mean, 60 bucks compared to thousands of dollars for a custom design, is really, really good. But, some people will go with …

Well, let’s search for themes. How about HVAC. Let’s look that up. Nothing here. How about contractor. Oh, we got a few. Okay. Let’s say we like the look of this theme. Maybe not this theme. How about this one. Okay, let’s try this one, ’cause it’s construction based. If we want to install this theme, click “install.” If we want to activate it, just go ahead and click that “activate” button.

We see now, we got a brand new look for our site and we can make adjustments accordingly. You can pay a web designer thousands of dollars to come up with a site. Or, you can just search for themes. Search for something that you like. Alright. So, let’s move on to the next section.

Alright, now, let’s move on to the next step.

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