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Step 13: Yoast SEO Plugin

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All right, now, the next plugin that you need to pay attention to is the SEO plugin by Yoast, okay? It’s located at You can download it off of their website by clicking Yoast SEO plugin, and you can download it for free right here. But, there’s another way to go about getting this plugin, and that is to go into your admin panel, click your plugins, and then add new. Now, under keyword, type in “Yoast,” and there it is. We’ll go ahead and install this. Okay, now it’s installed, and we’ll go ahead and activate it.

All right, now the Yoast SEO plugin, you’ll see right here, there is a little dashboard. Now here’s the dashboard for Yoast. There really isn’t anything for us to do on this for right now, but what I do want to show you is, if you go to your pages, and say, for example, on About Us. Let’s check that out. You’ll see that you get this little box right here, underneath your text editor. See right here, it says, “Yoast SEO?” This is the area where you do your SEO optimization, okay? And what I’ll do is I’ll show you exactly how to use this particular panel right here in future videos.

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