Duct Cleaning Basics

Duct Cleaning Basics: HVAC System Overview

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This series of videos has been put together to give you a basic understanding of professional air duct cleaning. The graphic display here is a typical two-story home’s HVAC system, comprised of a furnace, an air conditioner and ducting to carry the heated or cooled air to different parts of the house. The furnace is the heart of the system.

Inside the furnace you will find a blower, which circulates the air flow, a heat exchanger with regenerative coil that creates the warm air, and an air conditioning coil that creates the cold air. Next we have the return air duct in blue, which is used to transfer stale air from inside your home to be either heated or cooled. The supply air ducting is used to transfer the newly heated or cooled air to all different rooms in the house.

In this video series, our goal is to show the basics of how air duct cleaning is done using the push pull method. This entails hooking an extremely high powered vacuum system into the duct work to apply vacuum pressure to the ducting while using compressed air agitation tools to break up and move debris down to the vacuum system. After the duct work is clean, the furnace and all of its components should also be properly cleaned and normal maintenance issues addressed.

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