Mike: Hi Charlie, it’s Mike. I just wanted to remind you that while Safety King is celebrating its 50th year in business. You know we helped start NADCA and all those other things, we also have that training class that we started back in 1984. So it’s 35 years old. We’ve been training people from Singapore, Australia, the Virgin Islands. But most people come from the United States and Canada. We really have some wonderful companies come to us, and I think we should celebrate that too.

If anyone that would like to learn the air duct cleaning field, I hope they come join our family. Thanks a lot. Talk to you soon Charlie.

Announcer: This is minute with Mike, with Michael Palazzolo, founder and visionary of Safety King Air Duct Cleaning. And now here is your host, Charles Ellison.

Charles: In this episode, Brandon Kirk of Hydro Clean Inc, of Colorado Springs, Colorado talks about his experience with Birdeye, an online reputation management tool that has helped his carpet cleaning business.

Charles: Well, I think your idea, as far as doing Facebook live videos and things like that, that adds a personal touch.

Brandon: Oh yeah.

Charles: When it’s just a business that all you see is their fa├žade, they’re a business, you don’t really know who they are. But when you have a Facebook live video, you’re at a site and you’re just looking to say hi to people. This is what we’re doing, we’re cleaning this, and cleaning that, and they see your face regularly and they trust you.

Brandon: Yeah, they get to know, and like and trust you. Which is … I mean tops right there. And you’re not like, hire us. It’s none of that crap, it’s like no we’re here to educate you and let you know about things you probably didn’t know about before. And hey why this is important and why you need to know about it. Which I mean the minute I get home, I’ve already got 10 blogs I’m going to write instantly. I’ve got a guy working on that, he’ll load my blog page and I’m going to upload 10 blogs immediately because I like doing that.

Brandon: I talked to the guys about the referral tool that we’re using, so awesome. Did they tell you how it works? So we use something called Birdeye, and there are several other products out there, but Birdeye works like this, I take all of my orders at the end of the day, whether they’re paper or they’re computer. And I just punch in my customers, name, email address, phone number. Hit the button, they’re checked in. Immediately the system sends out a text message and an email at the same time that says, “How did we do? What did you think about our service? How would you rate us?” And it gives them a choice, one to five stars, boom they hit four or five stars that’s awesome. They can put notes in there.

Brandon: If they give me a four or five-star review, that review instantly goes out and is posted on my Facebook page. It gets posted on my google, my business page and it goes on my Twitter feed instantly. That’s pretty awesome. And then it follows up with a second email, well since you loved our service, would you help us grow as a company, and please tell other people by posting it as a review, and there are 40 different sites you can choose from. I can change them up monthly, the top is Google. Next is maybe my better business bureau page. Next one could be Judy’s Book, whatever, E-Local. Wherever I want it to go, and boom they pop up there, which is great.

Brandon: If I get a three star or lower review, anything less than four stars, it doesn’t go anywhere. It doesn’t put that review there on the web. It says, whoa, you need to pay attention to this. I say, “Ooh we got an issue.” I called the customer I say, “Hey I understand you did not have an excellent experience and I just wanted to call and see what was it that happened that you weren’t happy with so we can make this right for you?” And I have taken people who are one-star people, or maybe they were honestly a cry baby and I turn them into a cheerleader. And I’ve gotten people to change one star into five stars. Some people will, some people won’t. But we go out, we make it right.

Brandon: And then it also helps me identify what’s going on. Do I have a training issue with my staff that I need to cover is there something that slipped through the gaps in our training that we need to cover? Was it just the customer’s expectations were too high. We need to modify a procedure, something to figure out why that happened. Or somebody just screwed up, that allows me to address that, but I get to keep that bad review from going out into the web, and I get to correct the situation and honestly save a client.

Charles: Next, Brandon and I discuss what a technician faces when he decides to go into the air duct cleaning business.

Brandon: Every year down in the springs at least five new guys will jump into the carpet cleaning business. Yeah, they think it’s easy money.

Charles: They’re Gung Ho.

Brandon: They go out and they buy all this equipment and come January, February I’m buying their equipment off of them for pennies. I’m getting $900 tile tools for $75 because …

Charles: That zeal didn’t last.

Brandon: It didn’t last, but the carpet cleaning is the easy part. The hard part is what most technicians do not understand is making the phone ring. That’s the hardest part of the whole job, not the cleaning.

Charles: Thanks, Brandon. Now Brandon brought up a very good point when it comes to getting your phone to ring. That’s something that every air duct cleaning technician who’s looking to get in the business is going to face. How are you going to get your phone to ring? Because if you’re solely relying on your reputation as a technician, it might not quite cut it when it comes to getting into business for yourself. So what you have to think about is, how am I going to market myself? Am I going to create a website? Am I going to get a vanity number? How are people going to get in touch with me?

Charles: Some people what they do is, they decide to get into some business networking groups, but that takes a lot of time and effort. But one of the things that we recommend here at Safety king is to get into a vanity number. Use a phone number like 1-800-AIR-DUCT. Put it up on a brand new website, and get an online presence. So that online presence is on the web 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even while you’re having Christmas dinner. So that’s something to keep in mind. Thanks for listening, and take care.

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