Mike: And how many people will say, “Gee that might be wrong?” They can’t. They don’t even have the mental dexterity to change their mind.

Charles: Interesting.

Mike: They don’t.

Charles: Yeah.

Mike: They can’t change their mind. Do you know how you get into heaven? By the renewing of your mind. Oh, not me. I can’t change my mind. I have to think this. So they go from their cradle to the grave and never change. You think there’s something that’s going to happen after they’re dead? Good for you. Nothing happened during their life. It’s all the same. What did Abraham Lincoln say? Get so many good ones. Most people are boring individuals, but almost all of them die copies. Oh, he was just like his dad. Thank God, they walked the same, they talked the same, they ate the same peanut brittle, hit the same 392 home runs. I’ll be God damned. They’re the same. How far did they get? Nowhere.

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