Mike talks about a vision for having a place where duct cleaning entrepreneurs can confidently learn from experienced and certified duct cleaners. You don’t have to make the same mistakes others have made. Save time and money by learning from one of the pioneers of the industry.

In This Episode

  • A self-made man is usually an example of unskilled labor
  • Learn from some of the best independent duct cleaning teachers
  • Increase your return on investment by saving time and money


Mike: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place? You know I meet these great guys at the conventions and they’re just getting into the business. Some of them have even been in the business for five, six, and ten years, but they’ve never really had formal training in it. They learned it from their friend, and their friend, nice person, but he’s really unskilled.

A self-made man is usually a perfect example of unskilled labor. We need people to really be up on this. You’re dealing with people’s air. Only what they breath. Important? Only what they breath. I think it would be great to have a place that they could come and meet other people that really know how to do it, do it in a great way, are certified, and are good examples. Then they can go on and hopefully improve what we do.

Charles: It saves a lot of time too, when you’re around people that have been doing this, that have been in this industry so long that you’ve already made all the mistakes, right?

Mike: Apparently, you’ve been talking to people. Yes, Charlie, I’ve made all the mistakes and because I made all those mistakes, it’s so much easier to explain to people what to do and when they ask questions and bring up things that I have already done and made horrible errors on, it does save them all sorts of money. In fact, I used to have a wonderful guarantee, and I can use it anytime I want I guess, that in our marketing class, I promise to save them $2000 within the first 2 hours just in things to purchase and how to get around certain items.

Charles: Yeah, and knowing who to talk to about things.

Mike: Precisely.

Charles: Who has the best product? Who has the best truck? You can do that all on your own.

Mike: I think we give them great recommendations and it certainly has helped these people in the past. We’ve had over, gee, we must have had a hundred companies come through us, successfully negotiating the beginnings of the company and moving it to, in some cases, 2 and $3 million companies.

Charles: Wow. And you even had people in other countries come into Safety King to learn more about air duct cleaning right?

Mike: Oh yes, our first was from Australia and then it just went on from there. We’ve had people from Singapore and Bermuda, the Virgin Islands, quite a number of places.

Charles: Wow. That’s very impressive. Do most of these people decide that they want to have their own air duct cleaning business, or do they usually have it as an add-on service to their maybe heating and cooling company?

Mike: Right. All though we do get a few that are putting it as an add-on, most of our students are entrepreneurs that have decided that air duct cleaning, because of its high marketing value and large return on investment, that’s the reason that they usually get into it, and then there are a number of them that look at the world of franchising, and if they can see through that most of the equipment in the franchise industry is pretty bad, then they usually come around to find a couple of independent teachers, and I think we’re the oldest.

I’m sure we’re the oldest and largest independent air duct cleaning teacher in the United States. We’ve had students since 1984. A fellow from Saginaw came down and wanted to learn how to run his own company, so we started him off.

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