In our conversation, Mike talks about the benefits of writing your goals and dreams down. Most people allow their circumstances to train their brains, but Mike says their is an alternative. Rather than focusing on the negative, Mike has learned how to train his brain to focus on what he wants.

In This Episode

  • Writing ideas down creates a copy for your brain
  • Learn the importance of doing your own critical thinking
  • Become a creative thinker of what you want


Mike: Well, first off we all know, that you’re supposed to write things down. In fact, the adage is that every time you write it down or say it, you make a copy for your brain. So you’re just a copy machine. You’re a mimic. You say the things that other people say over and over again. The important people do their own thinking. They say their own stuff.

Quite a while ago I wrote down in my bathroom, in a small 3 by 5 card, I wrote, “Another day, another grand,” because most people think and say, “Another day, another dollar.” So I put down, “Another day, another grand.” And sure enough, as time went by, it occurred, just like almost all the other things that I put up. I wanted to have a air duct cleaning company that was respected and people knew all around the world and it is now. I wanted to have a school that taught people that came from everywhere around the world and they have.

It’s getting bigger and bigger and now have a place out in Las Vegas, affiliates in…

Charles: South Africa.

Mike: South Africa! So we really are fortunate and it has occurred pretty much how I wrote it down, how I thought about it. Somehow, what you think about, you create. I know it works the other way because I used to be the most creative thinker for crap that you’ve ever seen in your life, and that’s what my life was, just the stuff I was thinking about. I only thought about bills. I only thought about the next problem that was going to happen, and like clockwork it happened.

Yep. Those songs are right. “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and don’t mess with Mr. In-Between.” Do your best to think about what you really want, and put as much emotion with it as you possibly can.

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