Revolutionary Air Duct Cleaning Dispatch Software

Service King has created a program that fits the needs of a business built around scheduling and tracking service appointments. In just one year, Safety King has converted into a nearly paperless business with streamlined systems that give customer service more time to focus on staying in contact with their clients.

Ask Mike About Service King


Charles: MJ, what is Service King?

MJ: Service King is our web-based client management system. It’s something that we developed here in-house. It integrates all of the vital administrative functions of our business. It incorporates contact information, appointment information, job site documentation with unlimited pictures. We’ve got GPS mapping in there, mobile payment platform-

Charles: Wow.

MJ: … invoicing. It’s really a total package.

Charles: Yeah.

MJ: Yeah.

Charles: Yeah. Now, why did you develop Service King in the first place?

MJ: You know, for years we were thinking about how we wanted to change the business. How we handled our data, all the processes that we were doing behind the scenes. There was a lot of time that we spent doing these things, you know, administrative functions. We really wanted to come up with a system that would work for us that streamlined all of those processes.

Charles: Absolutely.

MJ: And for a long time, too, we wanted to go completely paperless.

Charles: Yeah, that’s what everybody is going to, nowadays.

MJ: Yeah.

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