Charles: This is Marcus everybody. You know Marcus?

Marcus: This is Charlie everybody. You know Charlie? How’s it going?

Charles: Pretty good. Setting up for this trade show at Novi, right?

Marcus: Correct.

Charles: What’s the name of this place?

Marcus: The Suburban Collection Showplace.

Charles: Got it. Actually this is my first time here but he’s done this plenty of times, right?

Marcus: A stupid amount of times.

Charles: Stupid amount of times.

Marcus: It’s a lot of repetitive stuff but you also have to adapt to who’s around you. For instance, if you turn that way, they kind of blocked us off, so on the ends we had to extend our tables so people could see us around this big backdrop that’s behind you.

Charles: That’s right. You never know where you’re going to be sometimes at a trade show, right?

Marcus: Correct.

Charles: Yeah.

Marcus: Correct.

Charles: Very unpredictable.

Marcus: The crowds are always unpredictable, so parents don’t always want to stop, we make their kids stop.

Charles: There you go.

Marcus: Then they talk to us.

Charles: All right. Let’s check out this display. We got some banner action right here. We got the whole set up right here. What else, Marcus?

Marcus: These are awesome because you can use them anywhere. You can literally be in a mall doing a display and you can pull this in. This, not all the time, but some people look at that picture and they say, “Okay, I’ve seen those on the road, but if you show them the actual truck, it has a definitive impression in their mind, you know? Set-up wise, we always try to keep it simple. You don’t want to confuse people. That’s the same thing upside down. This does not say any of this information, so we’re trying to give them both. This is basically everything we offer at our company and we’re trying to present it up front to the people, so you don’t want to confuse them where they’re picking up nine of the same thing, you know? They get lost in what’s going on.

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