Hey everybody, it’s Charles with First of all, I just wanna thank-you for visiting the website. I just wanna provide you with a little bit of knowledge as to how you might be able to improve your air duct cleaning business.

First of all, if you do not have a business website, that is mistake number one. I hate to tell ya, but you’re missing out on thousands and thousands of dollars by not having your own business website. The reason is is because the number one way that people are finding you is through search engines and online. If you’re not showing up online, you’re missing out. You are behind, I hate to tell ya. There are only a certain amount of networking groups that you can attend. There’s only so many people that you can hand your business card out to. If you’re not on the search engines, then, I hate to tell ya, but people can’t find you.

The way to get around that is to go to, is the first step, and download WordPress. Now what is WordPress? WordPress is the standard now for creating websites. You can go to other places such as and some of these other free sites that offer you websites, but you know something? When you get a free website from someplace that you haven’t developed yourself, people can tell. People can tell the difference between a site that somebody actually put some thought into as compared to just a free, say Wix website. Because some of these sites, even though they offer having a website for free, they have ads maybe somewhere on your site and it looks really, really tacky for your business.

What I would suggest is to get involved with WordPress. They have thousands of designs to choose from. Search engines absolutely love WordPress. You can see right here with the Powerful Features … excuse me, limitless possibilities. You have your choice of designs. It’s SEO friendly. SEO means search engine optimization, by the way. WordPress is responsive for mobile sites.

That’s another thing that you need to keep in mind when you’re creating your own site is that when people go to Google, there’s a percentage of people that are finding you through their desktop computer, but the vast majority of people what they’re doing is they’re finding you on their smartphone. WordPress allows you to create mobile responsive websites.

A suggestion that I would make when you are creating your own WordPress website … You can even see up at the top right here, we’ve got a little link here for Themes. You can see how many themes that you can download, how many different looks that you can have for your site. You can just search for “contractor” and these are all free themes. You can download any one of these themes and use it as a possible look for your site.

But I will give you just a slight word of caution. If you decide to go with a free theme, I would suggest that you get a really good web designer to help you out with the graphics for a free theme because if you decided to go with a free theme, there’s a good chance that if you don’t change the look of it drastically, people are gonna know that you cheap out on your website. Let me see here, go to “contractor.” If we go to More Info for contractor, you can see right here that this has been downloaded 1,000+ times. That means that there are over 1,000 people that have the same look of this free site.

Now if you have a similar look with somebody else, you’re gonna look small time. I hate to say it, but … Plus, it’ll look like you cheap out on your site. You don’t wanna do that, you wanna set yourself up above and beyond the rest of your competition. If you go with a free theme, again, I would look into getting a good designer, somebody that knows how to design graphics very, very well. It could be your brother, maybe he could do it for free. Maybe he’s taking classes over at the local community college or something like that, or he’s studying art. This would be a great project to get him involved with.

Now, another thing to look into is up at the top right here there’s a thing called Plugins when you create a WordPress site. We have just thousands of different plugins that people have contributed to WordPress that expand the function for your website. That could mean search engine optimization. That could mean being able to download your website faster. That could mean having a contact form for getting more and more leads. There are so many different plugins that you can choose from. All you have to do is just think about whatever type of function that you wanna have for your site and boom, it’ll come right up.

Plugins are almost like if you ever go to the iPhone App Store and you look up plugins, and there’s a plugin for … I’m sorry, there’s an app for everything? Well, that’s what plugins are. There’s a plugin for almost anything under the sun.

The first step if you wanna take action on this is to download WordPress. Where do you download it to, do you download it to your computer? Yeah, that’s the first step, but you have to put WordPress on your web host. That could mean Bluehost. That could mean having a hosting account through GoDaddy. It could mean having a hosting account through just anybody. Just get WordPress onto your website host and go to the next step.

If you enjoyed this tip, I suggest that you go to and check us out. There’s gonna be more and more of these types of tips that can help you out with your air duct cleaning business. If you wanna learn how to create and manage your own website, if you wanna go more in-depth into WordPress, currently I’m developing a course that will be debuting shortly that will teach you the fundamentals of how to easily develop your own air duct cleaning website.

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