And we’re back at the Onyx. Back at the parking lot and getting ready to pack up and go home.

I went over to a bar and just had a beer with Mike. One of the things that he talked about was that your mind is like a field, and you control what you sow into your field. Other people will contribute to your field, but ultimately, it’s your field. And one of the things that he talked about was that because it’s your field, sometimes when things are difficult and hard, you just have to keep on sowing. You have to keep on scattering that seed. And you know what? It’ll take a long time sometimes, but eventually, you do get some rewards from all of your sowing.

One of the things that he said that you have to be mindful of is that when things do start to pop up, when you do start to get a good crop is that it can happen all at once. It can happen very quickly. You go through long periods of just nothing, just barrenness, and you’re just sowing and sowing and sowing to the point to where all of a sudden, things start to shoot up. And when things shoot up, some opportunities you have to act right away, but some opportunities you could leave for a little while and then come back to it.

So, he used an example of say with lettuce. Maybe you have to harvest lettuce right away in order to take advantage of the opportunity, while with say carrots, you can leave it in the ground for a little while before you actually just pop it right up out of the ground. And that’s how opportunities work, is that some things you have to take advantage of right away, and other things you can take advantage of a little bit later on. But ultimately, with life and with opportunities, things pop up right away. And you have to make the decision as to whatever it is that you desire, what is going to get your focus, your attention, and what you need to take advantage of right away.

So, that’s what I learned from Mike this afternoon. We had a great ride, got some good exercise, and that’s it. Take care.

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