Charles: I wonder where Marcus is at?

Marcus: How’s it going Charlie?

Charles: There he is.

Marcus: Don’t hide when you’re at a trade show. People are coming to see you. Don’t get out your phone. Don’t even drink at your booth. Take care of business, you’re there for business, take care of it. Seems pretty simple right? Until you send someone to do it and they’re always gone from the booth. When you’re here there’s 200 things to go look at, you know what I’m saying? So I’m sure you guys walk around. You can shop in here for hours. You know what I’m saying? So stick to what you’re there to do. Do that other stuff another time, if someone comes and relieves you. Then go and do something for a couple of minutes.> but this is what you’re here for and people are her for this. Anyway just some little tips I hope they help you out.

Charles: Awesome. Thanks Marcus.

Marcus: Absolutely.

Charles: See this from a distance. You can’t miss a number like 1-800-AIR-DUCT. So it’s something to think about. Take care.

Mike: Hi I’m Mike Palazzolo from Safety King, 1800-AIR-DUCT. You know if you’re coughin’ and you’re sneezin’ your ducts could be the reason. I’ve been using 1800-AIR-DUCT for 10 years and it made my business blossom. We get between 400 and 2,000 calls a months and a lessee that just took it over a year ago started with nothing and now gets 1,000 a month. This really works. For details just call me at 1800-AIR-DUCT.

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